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MERLIN is one of the pioneers in moisture measurement in materials mad of wood. With the non-destructive moisture measuring by MERLIN, the devices are not just recommended for measuring raw timber but in particular for measuring semi-finished goods, veneers, parquet, furniture and windows.
MERLIN Manual measuring devices are used throughout the world and have been tried and tested by both professional and handymen alike.
Short production times and high quality standards are the key to the success. The non-destructive moisture measuring devices by Merlin are an indispensable and important aid.

MERLIN paper moisture measuring devices in pocket format are ideally suited to the mobile quality control of various types of paper.
The paper moisture can be determined exactly by using a special moisture measuring device.
Undesirable changes caused by temperature and air humidity are avoided.

Pocket-size MERLIN air humidity measuring devices provide quick, simple and accurate determining of climate data in production and storage halls.
Determine the relative air humidity, temperature, the dew point and the wood moisture balance quickly, accurately and simply.
MERLIN also offers various devices for recording climate data, thereby allowing the climatic conditions to be checked over a longer period.

All woods are not created equal, especially when they are too damp. As this greatly reduces its fuel value and has an impact on the weight.
Producers, traders and end customers can effortlessly determine the current moisture level and thus spare themselves unpleasant surprises with MERLIN biomass and raw moisture meters.
This type of quality control also enables serious costing and helps to prevent problems with the heating system.