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In Kesla, the needs of a shingle contractor are the law. We understand that every contractor wants to efficiently produce high-quality chips without long downtimes. Therefore, they have invested in the most advanced technologies in their chippers, which ensure equally good quality of chips, excellent availability of the chipper and easy daily maintenance.


ROTTNE H-series forestry machinery combines large harvesting volumes, reliability, and easy operation. ROTTNE harvesters are ideal for thinning, light final felling, as well as clear-cutting.

Rottne H8D Rottne H11D Rottne h11d 


ROTTNE's improved design allows to significantly reduce cab vibrations and impact, while crane work and operation on terrain have become considerably smoother.

Especially suitable for wet forests in Lithuania. Spacious cab ergonomics. Fast, powerful, and easy-to-use manipulator. Various additional equipment.

Rottne f10d  Rottne F11D  Rottne F13D  Rottne F15D

Rottne f18d  Rottne F20D  Rottne F15D offroad chassis  Rottne F18 offroad chassis


For over 60 years, KESLA is a global pioneer in providing forest equipment for tractors. KESLA has developed a large selection of timber loaders, timber trailers, and accessories, easily equipable with tractors, for efficient timber harvesting.

Kesla forest trailer  Kesla loader


Reliable combinations of felling heads and loading grapples. Suitable for all kinds of clearing and thinning operations.
Grapple assortment consists of models suitable for timber or bioenergy handling; use with an excavator, felling trees, or multiple purposes.

Kesla grapple  Naarva K20 


KESLA cranes are multi-purpose, cost-effective machines designed for professional use, which combines the latest crane technology with the highest quality components and materials.

Manufactured to withstand severe wear to withstand hard wear and extreme conditions. During the production phase, each crane goes through a rigorous international quality assurance program, practical performance, and safety tests.

Kesla 6H series harvester's crane Kesla 500 series forwarder's crane Kesla skidder crane 700R series


KESLA's extensive experience in forest technology has given it superior expertise as a developer of harvesters. The harvester family offers the market’s most comprehensive line of both roller and stroke harvester heads.

 KESLA kesla rh kesla 14rh


WOODCRACKER machines' design and applicability allow easy handling, simple attachment, ensuring flexibility and efficiency. Thus, the range of applications covers the entire biomass logistics chain, from tree felling, wood milling, and processing to soil preparation and rootstock removal.

Woodcracker L700