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Technological equipment

Our highly qualified team of our company is always happy to contribute their knowledge and experience to your projects.
Based on our broad experience, we can offer the best solutions for you.
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Air cleaning, humidification, filter systems.

We offer the market’s best and strongest modular conveying system. The system conveying in all degrees and also even vertical transport. Our products are conveying all forms of biomass, wood chips and wood waste etc.

grecon log

GreCon offers you fire prevention solutions for many different industrial processes.These include industries such as wood, biomass, metal, packaging and pharmaceuticals, which are just a handful of the industries protected by GreCon spark detection and extinguishing systems. 

Wood waste shredder VAZ 145/135 with feeding table 55 kw
For shredding wood waste of various sizes and types

We have products for maintaining moisture, such as:
- Watering the system, high-pressure jets: output of 1 l / h.
- Danfoss Nessie high pressure pumps PAH solenoid valves VDHT.
- Stops, filters.

WINTERSTEIGER is known for advanced thin-cutting technology that is used worldwide in the production of lamellas. The thin kerf, highest accuracy, a surface to glue and processing the lamellas without additional steps are key benefits for users.

Truly endless belts used in the woodworking industry on wide and narrow belt sanding, calibrating machines, edge sanding machines, planning, and brushing machines.