Rottne H21D Rottne H21D

ROTTNE H21D is a stable harvester with significant power resources, designed for final felling in dense forests, and an appropriately-dimensioned harvester head. The chassis, as well as the crane and harvester head, are designed to cope with demanding work month after month while yielding the same level of profitability.

ROTTNE H21D is a strong and efficient harvester for final felling when only the best is an option.

+ Refined on close to 80 points since the first series
+ Large power resources
+ Extremely strong crane
+ Fuel efficient
+ 500+225-litre fuel tanks
+ 4 different harvester heads
+ Handles steep terrain
+ Comfort Line

Rottne H21D

Powerful yet fuel-efficient

Rottne H21D proved that it belongs to the elite class in terms of reliability and low operating costs. No matter what the rpm range, the large cylinder volume of this powerful diesel engine always ensures high torque, which means it can operate at a relatively low engine speed.

Although the engine is powerful, it is still extremely fuel-efficient –customers state down to 0.35 liter/sub – meaning with 500 plus 225-liter fuel tanks, it can run far between refueling, requiring only 2–3 percent mixture of AdBlue.

EXTREMELY STRONG CRANE - with a long reach

The RK250 has a tilting crane base and a reach of 11 meters. It is located directly above the bogie to give the harvester optimum stability, which is necessary to enable the usage of Rottne EGS706 harvester head usage at full reach.


POWER TECH PSS Tier 4 (FT4) - eco-friendly engine

ROTTNE H21D has a powerful 6-cylinder Tier 4 eco-friendly engine of 227 kW (305 hp) that comfortably fulfills applicable emission requirements for current diesel engines.
The POWER TECH PSS engine has modern 4-valve technology, a “common rail” injection system, two turbochargers in series, and high torque of 1351 Nm, which provides excellent responsiveness with rapid power output. Thus the harvester can be operated at a lower working engine speed, resulting in a lower noise level, fewer vibrations, and, most importantly, lower fuel consumption.

Rottne H21D

CAB – ergonomic operator station with luxury comfort.

Rottne harvester cab features a modern design, where the operator sits in the center.
+ Same cab for all harvesters
+ Large windows provide excellent visibility
+ Low noise level – quieter than in a new car
+ Comfort Line
+ Programmable buttons

Large and comfortable cab.

The spacious and comfortable cab with large windows gives the operator an excellent view of the entire working area. The cab swivels +/ 90 degrees, level 15 degrees, and it automatically follows the crane from side to side, but can also be controlled manually with joysticks.

Comfort Line - the original since 2007

The unique Comfort Line cab suspension system reduces shock and impact, making driving on terrain significantly smoother. Initially, Comfort Line was introduced in 2007 – and is now a well-proven system. Since its introduction, Comfort Line had been developed with improved software, more robust design, and precision positioning.

Quieter than in a car!

Sound levels are low – in Rottne's cabs, it is quieter than in a new car. Rottne cabs easily satisfy the ergonomic guidelines that apply to forestry machines.

The same cab model for all Rottne's machines

The interior of the cab, distribution box, computer equipment, and control functions are identical, which is a significant advantage for the operators that switch between different Rottne's machine models.

Rottne H21D

SERVICE FRIENDLY - serviceability is a vital factor in development work on all Rottne machines. 

The entire rear section of the harvester, housing the engine and transmission, can be quickly opened for inspection and servicing. The hinged belly plates facilitate servicing work but also make the entire rear section very easy to keep clean.

The hydraulic system vacuum pump reduces oil spillage when replacing hoses. Electric pumps for diesel and hydraulic oil simplifies filling. The distribution box with fuses, relays, and computers is well-positioned for easy access and checking. Troubleshooting the electrical system can be performed via the machine control system’s operating screen.







  Rottne H21d

Fuel Diesel or HVO
Fuel tank 500 liters (132 US gal)
AdBlue tank 20 liters (5 US gal)
Type JD 6090 HFC09, Power Tech PSS, Final Tier 4/FT4)
Output 227 kW (305 hp) at 1700 rpm
Torque 1351 Nm (996 lb ft) at 1500 rpm
Cylinder volume 9.0 liters (549 in3)
Type D5 controlled, hydrostatic/mechanical with full capacity control. 3 gear steps. Manual differential locks.
Tractive force 230 kN (51 700 lbs)
Speed, gear 1 0 - 4 km/h (0 - 2.5 mph)
Speed, gear 2 0 - 7.5 km/h (0 - 4.5 mph)
Speed, gear 3 0 - 22 km/h (0 - 13.7 mph)
Type 2-circuit electrically/hydraulically operated negative wet disc brakes. Automatic work brake. Spring-assisted parking and emergency brake.
Wheel equipment
6 WD, front 750/45 x 30.5
6 WD, rear 700/70 x 34
8 WD 750/45 x 30.5*, 780/55 x 28,5**
Type Articulated frame
Steering angle +/- 43°
Max. steering torque 106 kNm (78 180 lb ft)
Horizontal angle +/- 24°
Hydraulic System
Pump capacity, loader 298 litres (79 US gal) / 1700 rpm
Working pressure, loader 3.0 - 25.0 MPa (425 - 3 625 psi)
Pump capacity, head 357 litres (94 US gal) / 1700 rpm
Working pressure, head 3.0 - 30.0 MPa (425 - 4350 psi)
Type A load-sensing system with double pumps, entirely separated from the transmission.
Degree of filtration 10 micron
Tank volume 217 liters (57 US gal)
Electrical System
Type 24-volt electrical system with CAN-bus technology.
Battery 2 x 145 Ah
Alternator 150 A
Machine control system ROTTNE D5
Bucking system ROTTNE Forester
Display 15
Working lights 22 pcs
Type Spacious, vibration-proof safety cab. ISO certified
Noise level 63 dBA
Swivels +/- 90°
Tiltable 15°, 14°, +/-11° (front, back, side)
Climate system ACC
Type Parallel jib arm crane, RK250, with tiltable swing base and 2.2 m (7.2 ft) telescope.
Tilt angle forwards 21°
Tilt angle backwards 20°
Lifting torque 325 kNm (239 700 lb ft)
Angle of rotation 250°
Reach 11 meters (36 ft)
Torque 62.4 kNm (46 020 lb ft)
Weight and dimensions
Service weight from 6WD: 24 200 kg (51 600 lbs). 8WD: 26 700 kg (56 880 lbs)
Width 3 000 mm (118 in)*, 3 160 mm (125 in)**
Length 9 233 mm (364 in)
Transportation height 3 722 mm (147 in)
Ground clearance (at articulated frame lock) 690 mm (27 in)
Telescope Yes
Chains Yes
Chains Yes
Lighting Xenon or LED Yes
Sprinklers Yes
Engine/cab heater Yes
Blinds Yes
Mobile telephone Yes
Vacuum pump Yes
Colour marking Yes
Reversing camera Yes
GPS/Geoinfo Yes
Filler pump Yes
Green oil Yes
Computer caliper Yes
Colour printer Yes
Mobile broadband Yes
Orbital steering Yes
Full toolkit Yes
Central lubrication Yes
Equipment for stump spray application Yes
Multi-tree equipment Yes (LOGMAX 6000B)
Cab damping Yes
Balanced bogie system Yes
Air compressor Yes



Rottne H21 EGS 706 Rottne H21 EGS 706

EGS 706 is a robust harvester head designated to Rottne H21, with a cutting diameter of 75 cm and a 2-speed, hydraulic controlled, tree feeding (3,5 m/s or 5,2 m/sek). A stable harvester head with significant power resources is required when handling heavy final felling. The harvester head has five feed rollers, two in the supporting wheel arms and three in the frame.

Thus, giving the same advantages as in EGS 596, enabling it to run with lower knife pressure, which reduces friction and better utilization of the feeding force. The upper, lower limbing knives, and wheel arms, can be operated either jointly or individually. The diameter measurement is performed via sensors in upper knives and length measurement, by a separate free-running measuring wheel.





Feed rollers ROTTNE, short spike 12,5 mm (0,5 in) och long sprike 20 mm (0,8 mm)
Feed rate 3.5 m/s (11.5 ft/sec) for gear 1 / 5.2 m/s (17 tf/sec) for gear 2
Power supply 37.1 kN (8340 lbf) for gear 1 / 24.8 kN (5 575 lbf) for gear 2
Wheel opening 796 mm (31 in)
The pruning diameter 50 - 570 mm (2 - 23 in)
Chains 900 mm (35 in)
Cutting diameter 680 - 810 mm (27 - 32 in)
Chain speed 40 - 45 m/sek (130 - 148 ft/sec)
Tilt angle 145°
Width wheels closed 1 554 mm (61 in)
Width wheels opened 1 780 mm (70 in)
Height 1 642 mm (65 in)
Weight 1 580 kg (3 480 lbs)
Maximum tree size dbh* 60 cm (24 in)


Logmax 6000B rottne

LOGMAX 6000B is a light-weight harvester head suitable for final felling. This harvester head combines low weight with high power, designed for large wheeled carriers. LOGMAX 6000B, built on well-proven hydraulics with a maximum hydraulic pressure of 260 bar (3,771 psi) and a max flow of 280 l/min (74 GPM).

The feed rollers always work perpendicular to the tree, thus minimizing friction losses and roller penetration. This geometry also ensures precise length and measuring for high-quality timber. Well placed guards and heavy-duty covers protect internal components and hoses from damage. High performance saw hydraulics provide full flow to the bottom saw for fast cutting. LOGMAX 6000B can be equipped with a Hultdins Supercut saw.

Feed rollers V-Steel
Feed rate 4,2 m/s (13,8 ft/sec)
Power supply 26,6 kN (5980 lbf)
Wheel opening 625 mm (24,5 in)
Opening, upper knives 690 mm (27 in)
The pruning diameter 35-500 mm (1,5-20 in)
Chains 750/820 mm (30/32 in)
Cutting diameter 650/720 mm (26/28 in)
Chain speed 45 m/s (148 ft/sec)
Tilt angle 128°
Width wheels closed 1236 mm (48 in)
Width wheels opened 1689 (66 in)
Height 1682 mm (66 in)
Weight 1306 kg (2880 lbs)
Maximum tree size dbh* 65 cm (72 cm opt.)



Logmax 7000c rottne

LOGMAX 7000C harvesting head is built on a stiff frame and combines high drive power and high speed. This head performs very well in heavy and branchy tree trunks. Variable displacement feed roller motors provide fast-speed in smaller woods, automatically providing more power in stiffer limbed trees.

Well placed guards and heavy-duty covers protect internal components and hoses from damage. High performance saw hydraulics provide full flow to the bottom saw for fast cutting in all timber sizes.

Feed rollers V-Steel
Feed rate 5,3 m/s (17,4 ft/sec)
Power supply 41,7 kN (9374 lbf)
Wheel opening 713 mm (28,5 in)
Opening, upper knives 772 mm (30 in)
The pruning diameter 40-560 mm (1,6-22,4 in)
Chains 750/800/900 mm (30/32,5/35 in)
Cutting diameter 650/690/750 mm (26/27,5/30 in)
Chain speed 45 m/s (148 ft/sec)
Tilt angle 128°
Width wheels closed 1315 mm (53 in)
Width wheels opened 1937 mm (77,5 in)
Height 1742 mm (69,5 in)
Weight 1627 kg (3587 lbs)
Maximum tree size dbh* 65/72/75 cm


SP761 LF

Logmax SP761 LF rottne

Feed rollers Finnskogsvalsar / Moipu
Feed rate 4 alt. 5 m/s (13 alt. 16.5 ft/sec) size of wheel motor
Power supply 30.9 alt 44.7 kN (6 950 alt 10 050 lbf) size of wheel motor
Wheel opening 700 mm (28 in)
Opening, upper knives 690 mm (27 in)
The pruning diameter 40 - 550 mm (1.6 - 22 in)
Chains 900 mm (35 in)
Cutting diameter 750 mm (30 in)
Chain speed 40 m/sek (130 ft/sec)
Tilt angle 135°
Width wheels closed 1400 mm (56 in)
Width wheels opened 1920 mm (76.8 in)
Height 1850 mm (74 in)
Weight 1600 kg (3 527 lbs)
Maximum tree size dbh* 55 cm (22 in)