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CKS ISO 6020-2 hydraulic cylinders
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Cross reference:
ISO 6020-2 CKS-25/12 CKS-25/18 CKS-32/14 CKS-32/22 CKS-40/18 CKS-40/28 CKS-50/22 CKS-50/36 CKS-63/28 CKS-63/45 CKS-80/36 CKS-80/56 CKS-100/45 CKS-100/70 CKSA-25/12 CKSA-25/18 CKSA-32/14 CKSA-32/22 CKSA-40/18 CKSA-40/28 CKSA-50/22 CKSA-50/36 CKSA-63/28 CKSA-63/45 CKSA-80/36 CKSA-80/56 CKSA-100/45 CKSA-100/70



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CKS-* hydraulic cylinder with adjustable proximity sensors DP105699