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Directional safety valves with spool position monitoring, CE marked and certified by TÜV following the safety requirements of Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

DHI for AC and DC supply with cURus certified solenoids 
DHE high performances, for AD and DC supply with cURus certified solenoids 
DKE for AC and DC supply with cURus certified solenoids

The valves equipped with FI inductive proximity sensor or FV inductive position switch for the spool position monitoring.


Safety cartridge valves with poppet position monitoring. CE marked and certified by TÜV, following the safety requirements of Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.


LIFI - an intermediate safety element with FI inductive proximity sensor. For coupling with functional covers.


These valves are used to cut-off the hydraulic line's power supply, in case of emergency conditions, thus avoiding dangerous movements of the machine's actuators.


Mounting Surface: ISO 7368 size 06 to 50

Max flow: 1800 l/min. at Δp = 5 bar.

Max press: 420 bar.